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Buzz Off is an advanced call filter application that lets you decide who can call you. Buzz Off can reject or pickup and hangup incoming calls with caller id or with private number.Add callers that you want to receive calls from to the Whitelist. Set to block all other calls if the caller is not in the Whitelist in the Settings screen.
Add callers that you want to block in the Blacklist.
Reject callers who are not in your Contacts application.
Includes North America Do Not Call database which includes 1000s of phone numbers. You can edit the database and add your own numbers.
Not only can you reject the incoming call but you can tell BuzzOff to answer the call and then hangup. The Pickup and Hangup feature prevents the caller from leaving you a voice mail.
Note that Pickup and Hangup will use your air time so be careful if you have limited monthly voice plan.
Buzz Off is a robust and complete call filter solution to protect you from spammers and control all your incoming calls. Take back your life and be spam free.
► Reject calls with and without caller id► Pick and Hangup on caller so that they can never leave you a voice mail► Reject callers not in your Contacts application► Reject callers not in your Whitelist► Reject callers in your Blacklist► Reject callers if they are in the Do Not Call database. Includes 1000s of North America phone numbers► Backup and Restore data► Automatically log all incoming calls► Usually phone will not ring when the call is rejected but it may play the ringtone for half a second► Option to vibrate when the call is rejected► Option to remove the call from the Phone call log. There will still be a missed call notification in the Phone icon